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sights of the town

János thorma museum ~ 600m

János Thorma, the famous artist was born is Kiskunhalas, he established the painter school of Nagybánya. The museum which is named after him belongs to the eldest museums of Hungary.

The number of the unrival exhibition is more, than 88 thousands, which are mainly ethnographic and local histroical pieces, but the exhibition contains also pieces in the art of crafts. Besides the painting collection the document library, the libraray and photo gallery are also significant.

Permanent exhibitions:

  • Thorma gallery where the signficant paintings of the painter can be found.
  • Halas the Kiskun market town, which reviews the history of the town from the  to century.
  • Treasure in the sand: famous archeological fossil objects from the region of Kiskunhalas.
  • Kincsek a homokban: híres régészeti leletek Kiskunhalas környékérõl
  • Agricultural equipments from the 19th century


Lace house and lace museum, ~ 1,5km


“Halas Lace”, from the town of Kiskunhalas, first appeared in 1902 and has since become an important part of Hungarian folk art. One of the founders of cottage industry in Hungary was Árpád Dékáni (1861-1931). The Kiskunhalas Lace workshop is one of the very fem built at the turn of the century and still functioning today, despite frequently difficult conditions. The first designer of Halas Laces was Árpád Dékáni. However the needles behind this unique technology belonged not to Dékáni brat to Kiskunhalas-born Mária Markovits (1875-1954)

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A kiskunhalasi városháza ~ 500m

The town halll with it’s wonderful fire tower was built in 1833-34 by the design of Ágoston Fischer. It was extended in 1906 by the design of Rezső Hikisch and Henrik Kotál. The secession styled building was renewed in 2014.

For those of our guests who enjoy heigh we suggest to visit the firetower as a great activity.

Csillagvizsgáló Obszervatórium ~ 1,8km


The observatory of our town has been accepting those people who are interested in astronomy since 1983. The observatory is one of the biggest observatories to display. In the beggining it’s main excercise was informing, however today the science observation of Sun also works in this institution.


Park csetényi - the summer accodomodation of water buffalos ~ 800m

The six-membered water buffalo family can been visited from april to october at their temorary accomodation in the Park Csetényi. Although the view of the water buffalos isn’t only a touristical attraction, but they play an important ecological role as well, because their exsistence helps to roll back the sedge.